Polk County Republican Party - September Newsletter

The summer months are not very active for the local county party. An Executive Committee meeting was held July 19 at the Courthouse Whistle Stop Café.


Fall is coming, which brings in the period to register for elected officials in the 2022 general election. Note that Precinct Chairman are elected positions. If you are interested in running for a Precinct Chairman, registration opens September 14 and closes December 13. Please note that these dates are subject to change because of the upcoming redistricting. If you are interested in running for a precinct chair, please contact us. 

We have several open precincts and we are always looking for new faces to bring fresh energy and ideas to the party. If you file or indicate an intent to file early enough in the process, Chairman Grube and myself will help insure you are informed and in compliance with any altered dates. As with anything else, if you wait until the last minute, you take your chances.


The Executive Committee met July 19th at the Alma’s Courthouse Whistlestop Café. Dorothy Kay presented a slate of Election Judges and Poll Workers for the upcoming election. The Committee voted to approve the propose slate. A discussion of the appropriateness of Precinct Chairs endorsing candidates and the consensus was that the Chairs may personally endorse but should not do so as representing the local Party. Chairman Fred Grube advised that we should be ready to answer a call to action in the upcoming redistricting battle. Fred announced that the new

The big news from Austin is that despite the dramatics by the Democrat Representatives, Senate Bill 1 has passed and signed by Governor Abbott into law. The bill, intended to increase the security and integrity of elections in Texas is a major victory for the Republican Party and the people of Texas.

Overall, Representative Murr and Senator Hughes have passed a bill that should improve integrity in Texas’ election processes at the county level and adds civil penalties, making it more certain that voting violations will be punished; we are grateful for their hard work getting this bill across the finish line.

Representative Slaton also passed an amendment requiring an audit of certain counties. While the final bill does not require an audit of every county, as many would prefer, this is a start and requires auditing two large counties and two small counties in every November general election of the even-numbered years.

Unfortunately, another legislative priority bill, SB 2, the bill to protect girls’ sports, is apparently dead in the Public Education Committee.

HB 5, which provides funding for legislative staff, the 13th check for teachers, and other desired items passed is on its way to the Governor for his signature. The bill authorizing the 13th check for teachers has already passed and been sent to Governor Abbott. HB5 is the bill that authorizes the money for the checks. Both bills must pass and be signed before the 13th check can be issued.

SB 3, the bill banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Texas public schools also passed at the end of the special session.

Congratulations and thank you to our State Representative James White and Senator Robert Nichols for their efforts and support for all of this valuable legislation.

In response to the manner in which Democrats fled the state, Representative Vasut has authored HR 72, a House Resolution providing a process for removal of Democrats as Committee Chairs and automatically revoking the seniority of members who evade a Call of the House. On Monday, Chairman Matt Rinaldi held a press conference with the Texas Freedom Caucus, Reps. Slaton, Tinderholt, Lozano, Biederman, and Slawson, as well as SREC Members and grassroots leaders in support of HR 72.

SB-2029, HB 3214, and HB3206 which deal with a Cost of Living Increase for retired teachers, does not appear to be under consideration in the current special session. Retired teachers have not had a COLA since 2013. The COLA would be paid out of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, not the state’s general funds. This issue may become part of future special sessions called by the Governor.

The Polk County Republican Club has had several very interesting meetings since the election of new officers in the spring. They have been continually adding new members and participation at their meetings has been large enough that further growth may require a larger meeting place than My Place café. Although the Republican Club and the Republican Party are not connected, they play an important role in the success of all Republicans in Polk County. If you are looking for a pleasant social environment and interesting speakers and events, check them out. Attend one of their meetings as a guest and you may decide that the $10 membership fee is worth it to become a member. Their meetings are on the first Monday of each month. You can easily find them on Facebook.

In each Newsletter, I will be introducing a few members of the Executive Committee so you can get to know who is leading the Polk County Republican Party.

Chris McIntyre – Precinct 6 Chairman & Vice Chairman

Precinct 6 is the northern edge of the lake and the Onalaska area. It is the largest single precinct in the county.

I spent 40 yrs. In the computer and electronics industry, 20 years with Texas Instruments, primarily in Temple, TX, a small town in central Texas with many similarities to Livingston, a similar population and an area lake. I then spent 20 years with Compaq / Hewlett Packard in Houston. For 14 years I was a weekender with a house on the lake. For the past three years I have been retired, living here full time and got involved in the local party.

I have always been highly informed on national politics. Being involved in the local party has helped me feel more a part of the community and opened my eyes to many of the issues that affect our county that may not be apparent beyond the county line.

I would like to be instrumental in building a stronger party. As chairman of the planning committee, I encourage people to come to me with questions, ideas, and anything else they would like to share.

Josh Kennemer – Precinct 15 Chairman

Precinct 15 is Southeast Livingston, the Hwy 146 area.

Employed in oil and gas for 17 years. Currently Amspec LLC Services as Operations Account Coordinator/ Valero Gulf Coast.

6 years living in Polk county. Prior t0 that, 30 years living in Harris County.

I became a precinct chair to become involved in the local party and help it advance in any capacity that I can. I have an invigorate interest in the future of this county, state and country since I recently became a new father.

Bethany Evans – Precinct 21 Chairman

Precinct 21 is bounded by Hwy 190 at the south end and FM942 at the north end with FM 350 running up the middle.

I am a homeschooling mom, hostess, nursery attendant, and small business owner.

I am born and raised in Livingston. My parents moved to Livingston in the ’70s. Raised on a small farm, I was homeschooled from Kindergarten through 12th grade. I later graduated from Texas Bible Institute a small school west of Houston.

I have known my husband Waylon for 22+ years and we have been married since 1999. Waylon works for the Beaumont Fire Department. We have two children, Jonathan, age 21, and Julia, age sixteen, currently in the eleventh grade, homeschooling.

My hobbies and interests include keeping up with current events, nature photography, gardening, performing for small music venues/playing piano & singing, making floral arrangements for people, preparing meals for friends & family, hosting parties, enjoying live music of a variety of genres-- favorites being gypsy jazz, traditional jazz, classic country, classic rock, pop, classical, and some contemporary Christian worship music & hymns.

History with Polk County politics: Since around the age of nine, I have volunteered, on and off, with the Polk County Republican Party. I serve in an official capacity as Precinct Chairman for Box 21, and I am currently the secretary. Our family are members of Central Baptist Church, and I work in the nursery part-time. I also work as needed as a hostess at Pace Funeral Home, and I currently serve on the board of directors for G.R.A.C.E. Pregnancy Outreach.

I also serve as the Polk County Republican Party secretary and lead the volunteers and keep the volunteer Facebook page up to date.

The next meeting of the Polk County Republican Party Executive Committee will be September 13 at the courthouse Whistle Stop Café. The business meeting will start at 6:00. Everyone is welcome.

I want to acknowledge that some content in this newsletter was taken directly from the Republican State Party Legislative Priorities Committee newsletter and the Harris County Republican Party newsletter.



Chris McIntyre

Vice Chairman

Precinct 6 Chairman

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