November 2021 Newsletter

Kick-off 2022 election cycle

Although the 2022 election is over a year away, it is already time for the Polk County Republican Party to address things that need to be done before election day to ensure positive results. Staffing and training the election polling places, fundraising, registering candidates, overseeing the Republican Primaries, researching and distributing voter information guides, voter registration, and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) are among the items that need attention. Members of the party have already begun organizing the efforts that are needed.  I will provide updates on actions occurring including who is leading the effort and how Republicans throughout the county can pitch in and help


The 2020 census has resulted in the need for changes to the district boundaries. The US Representative districts must change to add two new districts.  The state representative and Senate districts will also be re-aligned to adjust for local changes in population.  For the US Congress, Polk County has been aligned with San Jacinto county and parts of Waller, Montgomery, and western Harris County. Brian Babin, our current US Rep. is in Tyler county so will likely not be ours after the 2022 election.

The congressional map, which is very favorable to Republicans will be heavily challenged in court before it becomes the final map for the 2022 election.  This will delay the primary elections, most likely until late spring or early summer.

Republican Club Speaker

The November speaker is James white, the State Representative for the district that Polk County is in. James will be running for State Agriculture Commissioner in 2022.

Where do you get your news?

Do you feel that you are stuck with the alphabet networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, PBS, CNN who can be best described as the “Democrat Party Media Wing”? Even Fox News whose commentators are generally very conservative still has a Democrat slant to its news reporting. Generally speaking, 6 corporations control the major news outlets, TV, Radio, newspapers, magazines, and much of social media.  Most people are only exposed to the information that those 6 corporations choose to cover.

If you want more open access to news in the world, there are alternatives. There are news sources that do not bury the conservative aspects of the news. They give you an open and in most cases a more honest reporting of facts.

There are straight news sources like those listed below. You can check out their internet sites. You can also register for their notifications and updates and  receive regular emails with the latest and greatest.

Newsmax      Epoch Times          

IJR News      1440

Knowhere Briefing    One America News                 

There are news compilers, websites that provide links to items of interest and importance.  Although the headline listed may seem sensational or slanted (to grab your attention), the link is to the actual article at the news source.  A few minutes browsing a news compiler will expose you to news and information that corporate media does not wish to share with you.

An example of a news compiler is Liberty Daily.                               

For those seeking both information and feedback on what conservatives across the general population are thinking there are forums. In a Forum, someone on the Forum will post a link to a news item, much like a news compiler, but then other members of the Forum will post comments on the news item. Forums can be very provocative and expose you to information and points of view that would otherwise not be available to you.

An example of a conservative Forum is Free Republic. It has been active from the 1990’s and although everyone on the Forum is not an expert, there a many lawyers, managers, scientists, ex military and even politicians there adding valuable information

There are also organizational sources. Organizations that exist to impact government and politics.

An example would be Judicial Watch, an organization that aggressively petitions the government for the release of documents and communication that expose controversial actions by the government. They use both legal actions and freedom of information requests to provide sunshine on shadowy activity by the government.   

If you want to know more about what is happening within the Republican Party of Texas and the government of Texas, check out the  website. You can sign up for their information emails.

If you find that you don’t trust the media you see and hear, these are some of the alternatives within easy reach. If you browse them you will also find there are many other sources for news, information and commentary other than corporate media. Keep in mind that NO MEDIA SOURCE SHOULD BE TRUSTED BLINDLY. If you want to be informed and fully aware of what is occurring in our country and around the world, check multiple sources, cross-checking the information you receive. You should quickly find which sources you can best trust for the information you need or want.


Meet your County Chairman 

Fred Grube – Couty Chairman   

County Chairman since 2014,  Delegate to the state convention in 2012,  Appointed Vice-Chair in 2013

A lifelong Polk County Resident works as a firefighter with the Houston Fire Department

Although dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s on party documents and records is one of the primary responsibilities of the party chairman, I also think it is important to lead the Polk County Republican Party in addressing issues of the day and holding elected Republicans accountable for supporting the positions adopted by the State Republican Party.  Abortion and property tax reform, individual freedom and Judicial responsibility are areas the Polk County Republican Party can raise its voice and help make a difference.  I have authored several resolutions adopted by the Executive Committee stating our position including on abortion reform, ethical reporting by journalists, judicial review of the capital punishment of Rodney Ray.

The Polk County Republican Party played a small role in ousting the last two Speakers of the House who were effectively standing in the way of State Party goals including Abortion reform.

Polk County is small compared to the major counties in the state.  Making Polk county’s voice as loud and clear as possible is the most compelling role I want to fill as Chairman of the Party.

Dont Forget today's Election Day

The Texas Constitutional Election Day is here! Voting Centers are open today. Each Commissioner's Precinct has 3 Voting Centers open. For the full listing of open Voting Centers, Click Here.

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