Campaign 2020 Kickoff



Do you want to help the Republican Party Candidates in the upcoming election?  

The Party is looking for volunteers for the various roles that need to be filled in anticipation of the Presidential Campaign. We will be meeting on a casual Saturday afternoon for light appetizers. If you would like to assist the Republican candidates, please join us at 11am to 1pm. Location to be announced.

Come hear about the new Republicans Women of Polk County. Sign up at the event to be a Founding Mother (or Father). Men are welcome, too!

We will updating as soon as we can verify our guest speaker. You want to sign up today as tickets are limited to 100.

There's no cost but if you would like to donate to help support our efforts, please visit the

Lunch menu is available for those private paying.

Poll Workers
Poll Watcher
Event Coordinators
Set Up and Take Down Crews
Sign Managers Campaign 2020 Polk County GOP
Precinct Staffers

Internship for High School and College up to 40 hours.

Candidate tables per request. Please contact for details.

Lianne Mueck is the Point of Contact

  • July 20, 2019 at 11:00am – 2pm
  • Lianne Mueck


Will you come?